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What do I get with my subscription?

Do I get downloadable video clips?

Do I need licensing to show clips?

What do I get with my subscription?

MovieMinistry offers 3 subscription plans.

1 - MovieMinistry Illustration Service – You get one year’s access to our fully-searchable database of movie illustrations. All you have to do is enter a movie title, key word, or select from a topic list or book of the Bible and hit SEARCH. If you don’t want any films that carry an R-rating to show up, just tick of the box that says “no R’s”

Each illustration comes with a Big Idea to help you determine whether the clip is what you are looking for, a scene set-up to provide context for the scene (in case you have not seen the film), an accurate description of the scene from the film, and a teaching application that shows how the film scene illustrates a principle from Scripture. You also get a set of relevant Scripture references, and our Sermon General’s Warning to let you know if there is any potentially objectionable material in the scene. When the film comes out on DVD, we provide you with a chapter, start, and stop time to make it easy to find and use the scene.

You get access to a database of nearly 700 illustrations ranging from this week’s mega- blockbuster to classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Click HERE to see four FREE sample illustrations.

2 - MovieMinistry FilmTalk Cards – FilmTalk cards help families, youth groups, and small groups to turn a movie night into a chance to discuss significant moral and spiritual issues. Each card is designed to highlight scenes from the film and then start discussions by walking you through five topic areas. Most cards contain suggestions for action so that you can turn from talk to transformation. You get one year’s access to our database of over 100 FilmTalk cards as well as all of the FilmTalk cards we create during your subscription.

FilmTalk Card - Gridiron Gang
Free Sample

3 – MovieMinistry Plus – You get both MovieMinistry’s IIlustration Service and the FilmTalk Card Subscription for a discounted price. Perfect for a church staff (or the single pastor who acts like a church staff).

Do I get downloadable video clips?

For the most recent films, MovieMinistry makes available downloadable clips for sermon illustrations. For older films, before studios released clips, we have identified start and stop times for the clips we identify. Over 95% of the illustrations on MovieMinistry are from films available for Instant Download on At that point, getting to your clip is as easy as moving the slider on your media player.

Do I need licensing to show clips?

Laws concerning Fair Use are difficult for many church staffs to understand. What is covered? What isn’t? If I use a clip in Sunday School am I okay? MovieMinistry suggests, just to be safe, that its subscribers seek licensing for clip use from one of the licensing organizations, such as CVLI.