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Our "Featured Illustrations" page provides you with sermon illustrations and teaching content from the latest Hollywood movies. If you are looking for a relevant sermon illustration from the films people are talking about, you've come to the right place.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

For over 20 years, Walt Disney has been trying to get author P.L. Travers to sell him the rights to her novel, Mary Poppins. At every turn, Disney has been rebuffed. But now, her money and options run out, Traver's solicitor advises her to go to the Disney Studios and at least consider Mr. Disney's offer.

Disney represents the unstoppable force and Travers the immovable object in a clash of wills. Saving Mr. Banks chronicles not only the negotiations required to bring Mary Poppins to the screen, but also the life of young Travers as she wrestles with an endearing, but tragically flawed father.

Movie's Sermon General's Warning:
Saving Mr. Banks contains some light vulgar language and thematic elements including alcoholism and an unfit parent.

Rating: PG-13      Genre: Comedy

Illustration # 1

Clip: Never Just Mary

Scene Setup: After courting her for over 20 years, Walt Disney has finally managed to get the author of Mary Poppins, Mrs. P.L. Travers, to come to his studio to discuss the adaptation of her novel into a feature film. She is driven to the studio lot to meet with the scriptwriter and the music and lyrical team tasked with bringing Mary Poppins to the screen, but things don't start off well.

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