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Sermon Illustrations - Sermon Illustrations by Topic - Cowardice

Four Feathers, The (2002)

Big Idea: If nothing is worth dying for, nothing is worth living for.

Topics: Cowardice, Deception, Lie, Lying

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Nim's Island (2008)

Big Idea: What constitutes courage?

Topics: Courage, Cowardice, Character, Choices

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Princess Bride, The (1987)

Big Idea: Where do courage and cowardice spring from?

Topics: Strength, Cowardice, Fear, Bravery

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Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

Big Idea: Outward morality is not enough.

Topics: Will, Bravery, Cowardice, Selflessness

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Star Wars: Episode Four: A New Hope (1977)

Big Idea: Excuses are the refuge of the weak-willed.

Topics: Help, Cowardice, Excuses, Follow

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Treasure of the Sierra Madre (0)

Big Idea: A treacherous heart trusts no one.

Topics: Treachery, Cowardice, Suspicion, Greed

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